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Convex Mirror road outdoor -

Convex Mirror road outdoor

Model No: HS-45, CM, HS-60 CM, HS- 80 CM, HS-100 CM
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Polycarbonate Convex Mirrors                                                                                                                                     

SIZE: HS-45, CM, HS-60 CM, HS- 80 CM, HS-100 CM
have greater mirror thickness & reflectivity.
Ideal for usage at Blind Spots, Parking & Internal lanes. FRP is used in making brim & back holding plates.
They can also be used at toll collection centers & inside shops for greater all round view.
Provides 1300 of viewing angle. The mirrors are light weight & come with fixtures.
Eco friendly as these do not emit toxic fumes on burning. Single piece polycarbonate used for greater damage resistance.

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