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 Under-Vehicle  Inspection Mirror -

Under-Vehicle Inspection Mirror

Model No: Inspection Mirror
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Product Details:

  •  Under-vehicle inspection mirror
  • Under-vehicle inspection mirrors have three basic parts: a handle, shaft with extension pole and a mirror head.Some are also available with a tri-wheel base attachment and a torch fitting. 
Mirror head
  • The mirror on a under-vehicle inspection mirror is a convex mirror meaning it is curved outwards. The mirror head can be either round or square.
  •          Shaft extension
  • The shaft is often made from aluminium and is extendable. 
  •          Handle
  • The handle is the part held by the user to guide the tool. Some models have a rubber cover to prevent the handle slipping in wet hands.
  • Square headed under-vehicle inspection mirrors sometimes have a T-bar handle which can offer more control.         
  • Rubber mirror rim
  • On some models, the mirror has a thin piece of rubber around the edge to protect the mirror, and the objects it comes into contact with, from damage. 
  • Tri-wheel base
  •   Some models are available with a tri-wheel attachment which is screwed onto the underside of the mirror face. 
  • Torch holder
  • Most models are fitted with a torch holder, which comes in the form of a simple round plastic holder on the shaft of the tool that a torch can be slotted into. 

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